Życie w Bytomiu

Premiere at CSW Kronika, Bytom on the 24th of November, 2012.

The performance lasts around 80 minutes. It is a solo in nine parts. It is a narrative performance with a polish text, which is either spoken, read aloud, from the speakers or projected as a scrolling text. All material is based on the stories, archive collections, interviews or rumors, which I encountered while working in Bytom during the year 2012, yet they are sometimes heavily interpreted and made from a subjective point of view.

Music: “Working in the coalmine” by Lee Dorsey, “Money” by The Flying Lizards and “Life on Mars” by David Bowie.

Voiceover: Marek Pluciennik

This performance is based on the meetings, discussions and interviews of following people or help of institutions: Piotr Hajda, Radoslaw Cwielag, Marcin Mazurowski, Maciej Mazak, Gosia Latusek, Agnieszka Skowronek, Maria Pszbyłek, Brygida Wolny, Irena Król, Irena Wyskie, Barbara Dzieran, Sandra Drzewiecka, Krystyna Zelawska, Elżbieta Wójók, Janusz “Junior” Lipiec, Krzystof Lipiec, Dawid Sarnacki, Bobrek III, Roland Kusz, Agnieszka Skowronek, Ania Papierzanska and Aleksandra Stoklos.

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Photos: Marcin Wysocki