The project ends with a scripted performance or performances (99 scenes), a video and an exhibition, which consists of drawings and printed matter.
Performances are based on the encounters, meetings, interviews, workshops, images, reflections, recordings, archives, questionnaires from Bytom. It is a poetic interpretation of these narratives, leading to a scripted performances.

Each of these working methods will produce different material, but generally they are narratives or interpretations of events that took place in life. I use some method, either a workshop, interview, drawing, diagram, physical exercise to document in some way this story. My part then is to listen and also interpret. Here, I do not mean a distanced and objective approach, but affective interpretation. I do not pay attention to attributes of obvious meanings, but stuff that sticks into me.Interpretation of the narrative of another persons, creates another layer, closer to fiction, or closer to my own experiences. This in turn produces a script for a scene. A scene will become material for a performance, an event. This event has affective, emotional and rational attributes – and again to be observed and interpreted by a viewer, also a person who submitted me his or her stories or other material from his or her life.

A question is, how these different transformations may keep something from the original event, or what level the transformation takes place? The result is not a truthful documentation, but an affective recognition of such an event. This process and treatment of materials does not pretend to be objective, but allows the affective links between each level, and each subjectivity. So, it reflects on this process itself, also. Which for me is a part of a schizoanalytic practice.